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The Oliver Billson Journey

Here’s a timeline of how Oliver Billson Marketing evolved into one of the world’s leaders in business education and mentorship:

The first business

Oli began his business journey with his first business--a mobile car valet service. He quickly became the go-to person in Stafford, England for amazing car detailing.

His portfolio included a number of high-value vehicles, including his weekly Ferrari. This is where Oli began to hone his chops in the business world, and make money with his intense passion for cars.


Business was so successful for Oli as a mobile car detailer that he leased a building so he could serve more customers. This is where he learned how to grow and scale a business while indulging in his passion.

Window tinting

Oli decided to expand further working with a business partner to take some of the load off his shoulders. He then decided to add window tinting to his services so he could instantly boost his profits.

Eclipse is born

Oli decided to buy his business partner out and Eclipse was born. He noticed there was a huge opportunity to offer training courses to people who wanted to start their own car window tinting business. That’s when he discovered he had a passion to help people follow in his footsteps of business success.


Oli decided to start another business called BlackCode, a retail business that offers engine remapping services that boosts vehicle performance. His passion for helping others build their businesses was apparent when he realized there was an opportunity to help people start their own business and/or bolt them on to their existing business in the motor trade.

So, he started selling Certified BlackCode franchises where he would supply every franchisee the tools they need to remap vehicles. This business has since evolved to over 170 international franchises, and is a great model for recurring revenue.

Vehicle wrapping

Oli decided to diversify even further in the aftermarket automobile industry by offering vehicle wrapping services. He then started to offer training courses in the same format as his highly-profitable window tinting course. This proved he’s a master of helping others start, grow and scale their business.


His friends and business acquaintances started to notice Oli’s success, so they started asking him to help them with their marketing. This gave Oli the idea to start Oliver Billson Marketing, a full-service, results-driven marketing agency. The agency grew from 3 clients to 18 clients which generated $1 million in recurring revenue per year in the short time of 18 months! Past clients include marketing guru Dan Kennedy, Josh Turner of LinkedSelling, Mike Koenigs, and Wicked Reports.

His passion for helping others grow their business was evident when Oli decided to branch out and offer 1-on-1 consulting to select clients. That’s when Joe Polish of “Genius Network” fame hired him for $25,000 for a consulting day, plus he has Jay Abraham on his speed dial.

Oli also began to speak at international marketing events where he teaches business owners how to start, automate, and grow their business.

Player’s club

Oli decided to offer his immense knowledge of marketing and automation through “Player’s Club.” This is a membership where growth-oriented business owners can get the latest tools and strategies that have already been tried and tested by Oli’s businesses and agency clients.


Oli decided to offer a $15,000 per year Mastermind (called the Player’s Mastermind) so he can help business owners who want to grow and scale get to the next level.

Oli is passionate about helping businesses reach seven figures. He has done it 4 times in seperate businesses, and he loves showing other small business owners and entrepreneurs how to follow in his footsteps.

So he decided to start NextLevelBusiness.com so he can help people grow their business fast while cutting their work hours in half.

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