How To Transform Your Business In The Next 100 Days

When you’re setting goals in your business, how do you make sure that you’re going to achieve them?

Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby are two business owners who have their own solution to this issue…

Their podcast: ‘The Next 100 Days’ helps business owners and entrepreneurs find strategies to improve their business, to take it to the next level. And this week, they asked our own Oli Billson to be a guest on their show.

Graham and Kevin believe that change comes about when a business owner focusses on just one thing that will make a real difference to his business. That might be product development, a new product launch or a marketing campaign.

They teach business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on that one important thing for a full 100 days. Not only does this stop is from spreading our time thinly over too many areas, it helps us make clear priorities to track results over time.

As this is an ideology we completely identify with here at OB, Oli was more than happy to join Graham and Kevin to collaborate on some ideas…

If you want to catch the episode yourself, then simply check out the link below to head straight to the episode.

Check Out ‘The 100 Days' Podcast

In our experience, business owners are not short of creativity! They’re usually full of bright ideas and itching to get started on the next money-making campaign, most of the time it’s implementation that holds them back from success.

That’s just one of the areas that Oli will be discussing with Graham and Kevin in this episode of ‘The Next 100 Days’.

Oli’s sharing his strategy and formula for fast action and implementation. Helping the listeners of ‘The Next 100 Days’ podcast to see a clear starting point, giving them a process that they can use to put together a money-making and trackable campaign or funnel.

As well as his own fast-action funnel formula, Oli will also be sharing…

  • His strategy for creating a clear and dynamic lead-to-customer journey, maintaining a positive experience that clearly resonates with your ideal customer
  • How you can ignore the bombardment of ideas and focus on the one thing at a time in your business
  • How to ensure you’re following up at every stage of the process, leaving no potential leads behind, creating contingencies at every step of the way
  • His ideas for staying top of mind with your customers, missing out on no vital, potential sales
  • How to break big projects down into smaller, manageable chunks, so that you can be sure you’re focusing on the right areas
  • Strategies to create the right media and message for the right market
  • How to create progressive and non-progressive campaigns, communicating with your prospects in a way that makes sense to them – depending on their previous actions
  • His thought on which technology and software is worth investing in right now

…And lots more.

To check out ‘The Next 100 Days’ podcast and catch their most recent episode, where they’re joined by Oli, just click the button below to listen to it in full…

See you there!

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