Generating Leads In Your Path To Purchase

Publishing podcasts can make a major difference to your lead generation.

Not only does it give you the chance to put across your ideas with detail and clarity…

…it also gives you the opportunity to strengthen the relationship that you are building with your audience by talking directly to them in a personal manner.

Studies have shown that email subscribers that are generated from podcasts are more likely to follow through by opening and reading emails, clicking links and completing the calls to action. Resulting in more revenue for your business.

And that’s what’s important at the end of the day, isn’t it?

Some of the world’s most influential marketers use podcasts as a powerful lead generation tool, as podcasting has the potential to reach out to new audiences and further the relationship with your existing audience.

What’s more, the convenience of podcasts makes them more appealing to a wider range of consumers, therefore expanding your audience and generating even more leads.

And the range of smart phones, tablets and audio gadgets that are available in our society means there is nowhere to avoid them and no excuse not to get involved.

Here at OB our ‘Path to Purchase’ podcast is hosted by our very own Oli Billson and Viewability’s Tom Breeze, who offer their expert knowledge and advice on the best marketing strategies for you to implement within your own business.

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Here’s an example of what some of our episodes include…

  • EP. 06 – 10X Your Sales (Even If You Have A Tiny List)
    You’ll learn about creating effective campaigns and contingency strategies to boost lead generation, sales and revenue whilst getting the most out of your list.

  • EP. 13 – How To Increase Engagement (And Your Profits)
    Get first hand experience on competing for engagement with other business to attract your audience’s attention and increase revenue.
  • EP. 17 – Keeping Them Coming Back For More
    Discover Oli and Tom’s personal tips on how to hold engagement throughout an entire campaign to create more leads and turn them into revenue.
  • Currently there are 24 episodes launched on iTunes.

    But Oli and Tom have so much more knowledge and advice on how to create successful businesses using marketing strategies, that there is even more to come.

    Make sure you don’t miss any of it!

    If you follow these steps, you’re going to be effectively reaching as many prospects on your list as possible. But generating more leads is only one aspect of your overall marketing strategy.

    If you’re ready to take the next step and know your business is profiting from dynamic money-making funnels and assets then our team would like to help you with that.

    Simply click the button below to schedule a call with us and talk us through your current marketing strategy. We’ll discuss what you can do better, and you’ll find out whether working with us in the future could be a good fit. Plus you’ll be able to ask any questions you have.

    Good Luck!