How To Create Dynamic Leads To Customer Experiences That Generate More Leads, Boost Conversions & Increase Sales…on Autopilot!

One of the biggest problems I come across when working with entrepreneurs and business owners across the world, is how to get more leads and convert them to customers.

How do we solve this? By implementing 12 steps (not widely-known, but highly effective nonetheless), which, when implemented correctly, can result in a compound effect on your business. Even if you only implement one or two of these, it could be the difference between information and transformation. After all, it’s not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.

Let's get started…

Capture More Leads

#1 Capture More Leads Using SMS

Connect with your audience by targeting the prospect’s own devices. By capturing mobile phone numbers for SMS messaging, you are already taking on an alternative and more convenient way to generate leads. Prospects can text a keyword to a specific number, which then boosts the connection between business and customer, allowing conversation to continue in a way that is most convenient to the prospect. Of course there are other ways to communicate via SMS other than magazine articles. Websites, podcasts, direct mail, stage pitches and Facebook ads each provide their own unique approach to generating leads.

#3 Capture More Leads With Social Sharing

Let’s avoid dead Opt-in and Webinar thank-you pages. They do nothing to the growth of your business, and frankly there are more effective ways to collect contact information. A mistake clients tend to make is that they DON’T seek more contact information, which narrows the parameters of possible conversions.

NOTE: Golden information right here…
Hosting a webinar? Cool, you probably have a couple of weeks before schedule time, so why not send out some direct mail beforehand? You can provide a physical reminder for them to attend, plus it allows you to offer them more resources that are relevant to your business. AFTER the webinar, you can proceed with necessary follow-up steps, having already gathered their contact information. Bring on the conversions!

#3 Capture More Leads With Social Sharing

If you scroll down your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, you’ll notice plenty of ‘shared’ articles, videos and images. Sharing brings leads to your funnel and awareness to your business. If you post an opt-in sharing incentive, i.e allow your prospect to unlock a FREE BONUS VIDEO if they refer an original video to 5 friends, surely they wouldn’t turn down an opportunity for a freebie? Social media is our secret weapon.

In a nutshell; the more people that come in, the less money you need to spend on leads. Free leads into our list? Perfect. By going out there and using today’s technology to create an automated and personalised experience for your prospects, the more likely you are to generate leads.

Boost Conversions & Increase Sales Using SEGMENTATION

#4 Front-End Profiling

Everybody has different avatars for their business, based on the foundations of what we all know. On our Landing Pages, we can use questions and offer options to allow each prospect to segment themselves on our list. By them choosing which category of prospect they are, we can tailor how to converse with each segment for optimum conversion potential. Benefits of this? Your prospect is telling you exactly what they’re looking for and you can speak directly to their needs. You can use this method with virtually ANY lead generation page.

Take a look at these Sales Letters, each with different openers, pre-headlines and headlines that talk DIRECTLY to the people in each corresponding segment, depending on what they selected on the previous page. This stuff works.

#5 Post Opt In Segmentation

By using more direct questions, we can then tailor our follow-up steps to each segment. Profile your traffic, because once it’s in, it needs to be treasured. You need to find out more about them, what they’re looking for, what do they already know? By dealing with our prospects appropriately, we can then use Logic Based Qualification to make sure everything we send out is RELEVANT. But why is this vital? You can offer a personalised follow-up, your money can be spent on the most qualified leads, you can alter the frequency of the follow-up, your Direct Mail fulfilment will result in a cost reduction and you can engage your telesales team with the hottest prospects.

#6 Post Purchase Segmentation

…using Net Promoter Scoring. Let me ask you this…are you DELIGHTING your customers?

By asking our customers ‘how likely are you to refer this to a friend, family member or colleague?’ we can work out levels of satisfaction, and whether any changes need to be made in our processes. A simple step, this can be implemented easily and will divide up your customers into Detractors and Promoters. We like Promoters because they recommend and do our job for us, to a degree. Detractors on the other hand, could put out a negative word. You’ll know they’re out there and be able to get in touch immediately to iron out any grievances before the negativity spreads!

Improve Consumption

#7 Free Content Expiry

Here today…gone tomorrow. You need to know how many of your prospects are consuming your lead magnets. After all, knowledge is power. Utilise dynamic deadlines to improve your consumption; when somebody opts in, make sure you pre-set a deadline date for the near future. Give them a friendly nudge to remind them that your content is there, and they should be consuming it. Be a bit more congruent (it won’t hurt!) and set an auto-expiry page. Everybody hates false stuff! Make sure you follow through with the expiry, so everybody knows not to miss out next time.

#8 Progressive & Non-Progressive Video Delivery

In order to push people towards the consumption of our content, we build contingencies. Did they miss out on some important points in a previous video? Tailor the follow-up to reference that they missed out. Maybe you need more information about your leads? This is a perfect opportunity to recognise whether they’re actively engaging with your content, and perhaps send them a more immediate or appropriate follow-up. Is your prospect in a free trial? What if they HAVEN’T watched your mandatory Welcome Video? This means they are less likely to stick…measuring consumption is therefore incredibly vital, as it allows you to decipher the quality of the people you are dealing with.

#9 Use Dynamic Remarketing

When someone reaches a page and we want them to take further action, we can use dynamic remarketing to deliver a Facebook advert based on the steps they have taken, and point them to the next step. We actually sync data from Facebook with our CRM system in our business, which helps us to push our prospects towards the next achievable milestone as we define it within our campaigns.

For example…someone may have signed up for your webinar. Great, that’s what we want to hear. But also, as a result of signing up to a webinar, this customer is now exposed to Facebook ads relating to the webinar, and taking actions off the back of it – these could be tailored even further based on if they even attended the webinar or not!

Measure Engagement

#10 Measure Recency & Frequency

As I said before, knowledge is power. Collect knowledge in the most effective ways possible by measuring how recently and frequently your content is looked at. These include number of logins made, pages visited, time spent on page, number of form submissions, videos watched, reports downloaded, to name a few. Metric systems give you statistics. Even finer details such as time between scheduling a call to first purchase, or time elapsed since last action, matter. You want to know how interested prospects truly are. Are you engaging enough from the start?

#11 Email Engagement Tracking

Emails are a great way to measure engagement. How many were never opened? How many links were clicked? In our database, we know how many people have engaged in the last 30 days. These people are recent and more likely to stick. Did some people opt in, engage, but didn’t take any action with what they engaged with? Follow them up! Remind them to take action because their custom matters to you.

#12 Hijack That Link!


Promise me something…if I tell you about this, can you use it responsibly? Okay? Good! You can post your opt-in on someone else’s website by controlling the link that took the customer there in the first place. This is called LINK CLOAKING. Serve a time-delay pop-up, which will appear on someone else’s website, once they click through your link, as if that site is advertising your business! Use in a weekly Digest Email….create a fishbone blog article (a premium article that links out to other relevant and interesting blog articles)… share other people’s content on your social media – with all of it seemingly promoting you once the prospect arrives there. These are all powerful ways to generate leads, boost conversion rates and increase sales.

My message to you is, be dynamic. Be proactive. Be congruent. Do what it takes to transform what you are already doing, so that your customers receive a personalised experience, which can then boost your conversion rates and increase your sales.