The 6 Step Facebook Lead Ad Conversion Funnel

As we probably all know, email open rates are decreasing rapidly these days. Getting your message delivered is becoming more difficult, and getting it read even more so. 

That’s why we’ve got to consider other methods to deliver our message to generate more leads, boost conversions and increase sales. In this article, I’ll be sharing a super effective Facebook-to-mobile marketing strategy that has had consistent success and will help you to:

  • Generate a ton of low-cost leads

  • Turn those into red-hot sales prospects for a telesales team

  • Advertise direct-to-mobile users and deliver your offer straight to their phones

  • Help qualify your leads before they hit your sales team

This campaign leverages Facebook Lead Ads, with which you may be familiar. If you aren’t, they’re an advertising function of Facebook whereby an ad pops up with a smartphone-friendly form, which the user can fill out wherever they are in just two taps. It automatically pre-populates the information that they have already shared with Facebook.

These types of ad are great because they:

  • Cause little friction for your leads

  • Increase the accuracy of the lead capture

  • Leads stay within the Facebook environment and oftentimes don’t have to actually type in their details

Generally, a Facebook ad is an interruption, taking the user away from the feed they’re reading, whereas a Facebook Lead Ad has little impact and is quick and accurate.

The campaign I’m going to lay out for you was designed for a client that advertises a business opportunity typically converted by phone, through a sales team. However, this same process can be used for virtually any business, especially those that rely on selling over the phone.

We all know that your sales team wants to work with the best leads and to disqualify the ones who are not engaged with your offer. With this campaign we can pass on highly qualified leads to a sales team, and shorten the timescale for contacting them.

Step 1 - The Ad

You’ll first need to set up a new Facebook Ad, and make sure the marketing objective for your campaign is set to Lead Generation under the “Consideration” section. In our ad, we offer to send leads a FREE video with all the information they might need. But instead of emailing the link, we send it to them by SMS.

That’s right. SMS.

You may be wondering why in the world we would do something like that? Well, in order to increase conversions and responses, we wanted to have continuity between the response mechanism (Lead Ads) and the delivery mechanism on the same device, via SMS.

This is crucial.

Step 2 - The Form

On the form we ask for the following:

  • First Name

  • Email

  • Cell Number

The phone number is important because we need this to deliver the video to them. This also enables the sales team to call them on a number they know is genuine.

We also ask, “Would you like to speak to one of our advisors?” with these options:

  • YES

  • NO


Don’t worry, this is all very easy to customise in the Facebook Lead Ad Form. We’ll come back to this final question later. All of this information is captured by Facebook and transferred into our CRM using an application called SyncSumo. We use Infusionsoft, but this also works with other similar CRM services.

Step 3 - The SMS

When this lead hits our system, we send them an automated link to the video that we promised them. We do this using a trackable link inside the SMS, so we can tell when it’s been clicked. This is an important step in qualification of the lead for our sales team. When we get the notification that the link has been clicked, it tells us that the number is genuine and that they’ve consumed the content.

Step 4 - Watching the Video 

As I previously mentioned, the video link that we send them is trackable, and the best part is we can measure how much of the video presentation they’ve watched, even though they’re on a mobile device. This is important for the next step: making the call to our leads.

Waiting for the lead to have watched the video allows us to have a more informed conversation, and follow up with those who don’t.

Step 5 - The Call 

Now we come back to, “Would you like to speak to one of our advisors?”

If they said YES, then they get automatically added to the sales rep’s hot call list.

  • If they said NO, then we send them SMS and an email, basing our follow up on their engagement with the video to push them back in the direction of a sales conversation.

But what if they say MAYBE?

  • We wait until we know that they have watched the video, then send them a pre-call SMS to prime them for our impending call.

  • If they don’t respond to that SMS, we call them anyway.

  • If they reply to that SMS saying they’re not interested or it’s not the right time, then the message comes back to us and the sales team has the ability to text back and forth with the lead using live text message engagement.

  • The goal is to get the prospect on the phone with a salesperson so that they can properly discuss the opportunity.

Step 6 - The Nurture Campaign

If any of your leads don’t take up your offer on the sales calls then you’ll want continued follow-up.  The key to the unconverted lead sequence is to create a multistep, multimedia campaign where we can continue to market to them with SMS and email in order to increase the likelihood that they will engage with us over time.

Here’s a clever trick for your follow-up campaign: Measure the engagement with your emails and then start to send “automated conversation starters” via SMS, which provoke a response from your leads and move them toward a telephone sales conversation.

So there you have it... A dynamic and effective campaign to generate warm leads for a telesales team that will increase your conversions and grow your sales.