Our Philosophies

Our philosophy and our core values are very important to us, and by following them, we know we‘re leading ourselves, our clients and the marketplace in the right direction…

Don‘t Fear
Taking Action

Nobody gets anywhere if they’re not willing to implement their ideas. That’s why we’re committed to thoughtful action and taking a decisive lead, both with our clients and setting an example in the general marketplace.

Always Maintain Honesty and Integrity

We’re straight talkers here at OB, if something’s just not working, we’re not going to beat around the bush. We have confidence in what we do and believe in taking responsibility with integrity and honesty at all times.

Chase Results and Ignore Everything Else

Being a results-driven service, we let the figures speak for themselves. If something looks pretty, but fails to convert we change and test again. Tracking and recording are essential in our strategy and we like to set goals and hold ourselves accountable for them.

Work With

We’re all determined in our work, and we believe that this passion and enthusiasm drives us to get the results we do. However we also all enjoy what we do and make time to have fun celebrating our success.

is Key

We see ourselves as partners in your business, and that means working closely with your team to build a lasting relationship. Problems are always better solved when working together and moving forward is much easier when we’re all traveling in the same direction.

An Open and Enquiring Mind Leads to Innovation

We believe in taking decisive and pioneering action in our industry through innovative ideas. We’re advocates for self-education and our team are constant students, committed to discovering new ways to help our clients.

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The Core Team

Unlike many agencies, we’re not a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. We have a core team of experts, each with a different skillset, ensuring you get the most out of your experience here with us

Oli Billson
Founder & CEO


Oli’s superpower lies in strategizing and implementing cutting edge, conversion-led, money making sales and marketing funnels. Unlike a lot of Marketers, it’s safe to say he makes more money actually practicing what he preaches, than teaching it!

After starting his own business at the age of 15, Oli’s portfolio now spans four incredibly successful businesses, including Information Marketing, Training and Coaching, Bricks and Mortar businesses, and his widely sought after ‘Done For You’ Marketing business, as well as being an Internationally recognised Franchisor.

In recent years he’s been the Mastermind behind many big launches and event promotions for other Marketers, helping them grow and automate their businesses.


Bret Martineau
Marketing Strategist

Bret was the 7th employee at Infusionsoft back in 2004. Since leaving Infusionsoft in 2007, Bret has worked very closely with some of the biggest names in Marketing Automation, including SixthDivision, PlusThis, and Frank Kern. He’s worked with hundreds of businesses and built thousands of campaigns.

On a personal note, Bret lives in sunny San Diego with his girlfriend Sue and his dog Wick (aka the Bear), where he trains and competes in Muay Thai. He also speaks Russian fluently and plays piano and guitar.

Stephen Sutherland
Lead Marketing Architect

Steve’s skills in automation & web design form the backbone of the complex campaigns and funnels we produce for ourselves and our clients, and it’s these talents that make him so invaluable here at OBM.

An Infusionsoft Certified Partner, his dynamic-response, conversion-led funnels have resulted in 7-figure success on frequent occasions and his extensive knowledge of cutting edge marketing technology and Web Development make creating high-performing campaigns and lead-generating websites a breeze.

Alsa Cassie
Head of Operations

All successful businesses need a fully organised and structured team to get results, Alsa ensures that everything runs smoothly which allows our business and our client’s to flourish.

Her skills not only save time, stress and help us function more efficiently, they ensure an enjoyable and creative relationship with our clients has room to flourish and grow. After all, ‘a good system shortens the road to the goal’.

Kate Stergiou
Graphic Designer

If you’ve ever seen our business cards, postcards, newsletter or printed media, you have Kate to thank for our clean lines and artistic style.

As well as taking care of our design, Kate creates spectacular assets for our clients. Giving them brand-focused media they can use with pride.

Kate has a long background in Graphic Design, working in Greece for many years where she grew up. We’re lucky to have lured her away from the sunny beaches to a permanent home in the West Midlands and we couldn’t be happier!

Kevin Hill
Lead Sales Copywriter

Kevin Hill is a direct response copywriter, business consultant, speaker, and info marketer who helps top-notch, motivated entrepreneurs boost their profits. He is known as the “Professor of High Response” because he employs the research experience he gained as a former scientist toward analyzing his customer and clients business problems.

He has been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs boost their profits since 2006 when he became the in-house copywriter for Russell Brunson. Other clients have included GKIC, Agora, Craig Simpson, and Harry Dent.

Kevin is happily engaged to his girlfriend TinaMarie. They both reside in Boise, Idaho with their two cats, Alex and Bailey.

Lesley Heizman
Project Manager

Lesley is our Project Manager at Oliver Billson where she partners with clients from their onboarding, making sure they receive the best level of care and value from our team. She has held various positions in several different industries from software development to e-commerce and worked with many brands in all aspects of digital marketing.

Scrum Certified, she excels at taking an overall vision and breaking it down into controlled chaos that can be clearly executed by the team. She derives a sick amount of pleasure from forming to-do lists and crossing off tasks that is not normal. In her spare time outside of making clients delightfully happy, she enjoys spicy margaritas and watching sports while keeping her two young boys out of trouble.


Lindsey Walkeden
Finance Director

We all know that in a successful business you need to know your numbers. With Lindsey at the helm, she insures we know them inside-out.

Super-efficient and cool under pressure, Lindsey is an incredible valuable member of the OB team.


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